School of Social Sciences

The School is home to a cohesive team of faculty members with strong academic backgrounds and extensive experience.

Together, they work to best educate our students in their respective majors and to best prepare them for their future integration in the professional world.

The Department of Politics and International Relations (PIR) offers two main programmes: the BA in Politics and International Relations and the MA in International Studies. Graduates from these two programmes are regularly accepted into prominent foreign universities to continue their studies and our graduate placement records show some of the best employment rates in the Kurdistan Region. In recent years, the PIR department has also strengthened its links with its partner universities around the world. Its exchange programme with the French Institute of Political Science, for example, annually gives the opportunity to several students to study abroad for one semester in a reputable European university. The PIR department also runs a placement programme in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations. This programme allows students to take part in a semester-long internship during their BA studies with a view to raise their employability and facilitate their first contact with a professional environment.

The English Language Department offers two degree programmes, one at the undergraduate level and the other at the postgraduate level. The Department focuses on building the skills that make students marketable and employable in today’s job market. It fosters an outcome-based instruction whereby all resources are utilized to achieve the objectives of the modules and overall programmes. We provide an authentic environment to improve students’ language skills while helping them to acquire lifelong skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills. The Department also helps students to apply and further their knowledge through a series of programmes throughout the year, including seminars, workshops, group presentations, and literary events. 


The Foundations programmes are delivered by a team of highly qualified and dedicated native English teachers who strive to provide our students with the help they need to acquire full language proficiency.

Departments under this school: