School of Science and Engineering

School of Science and Engineering (SSE) is one of the core schools here at University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH) aimed to equip the youth with technical knowledge and skills in order to constructively change the society.

The school comprises two departments: Computer Science & Engineering and Natural Resources Engineering and Management. They are backed by a support unit. The SSE draws on local and international expertise, and the staff have extensive experience in academics, industry and research. All undergraduate programmes are of four years' duration and are conducted entirely in English. Comprehensive laboratory facilities are available to complement the lectures and to support research. Additional programmes at BSc, MSc and PhD levels are in the pipeline.
The School has put in place a comprehensive plan of summer internships and trainings for its students with industry and other professional organisations. Through this programme, the SSE makes sure that all its students at undergraduate level two (UG2) and above are placed for summer internships. This programme has helped SSE to raise the employability of its graduates to a significantly higher level. The exploitation of natural resources and the development of computer applications in the Kurdistan Region are moving at a rapid rate, and the School is well placed to supply the trained professional manpower that is in demand. The School is undertaking research and providing services to support this development. Graduates achieve a proficiency in English and a level of academic competence that enables them to transition smoothly to postgraduate study locally and abroad.

Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Natural Resources Engineering & Management