Research Policy

The mission of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) is “to promote the Kurdistan Region through academic excellence”. This will be achieved by:

  • Providing high quality learning opportunities that are driven by local vision and governed by high international standards;
  • Producing graduates that have the knowledge and skills in their discipline areas, as well as critical thinking, hence able to shape the future of the region and beyond;
  • Disseminating and applying knowledge to further sustainable industrial, economic, culture, environmental and social development of Kurdistan and the region;
  • Continuing education and life-long learning that plays a key role in the up-skilling and re-training of the workforce in Kurdistan and the region;
  • Carrying out research and enterprise activities that directly address the needs of Kurdistan and the wider region.
UKH envisages becoming a centre of research excellence and recognises the importance of research in developing the academic profile of the University as a Higher Education institution. UKH recognises that it operates in a relatively small, semi-independent academic community and that it has to make a special effort to become a recognised part of the international academic community.
The policy well defines research and identify its objectives and uses. Moreover, UKH provides funds to encourage and support research; the principles for awarding research grants may include:

-research input:

  • specialist equipment (including software);
  • access to empirical research;
  • attendance at external meetings on collaborative research projects with other institutions;
  • hire of vacation research assistants;
  • conference attendance, aiming to build research experience and network.

-research output:

  • conference presentations;
  • publications.
All research should meet the research objectives of the University and its academic departments and units. Any research outcomes, especially publications, should be accessible to all members of staff and the library. Research Policy document is available here.