Research Units (RU)

Research at UKH addresses research topics which have the potential to contribute to the further development of Kurdistan region; these efforts are often conducted in joint projects with businesses and various societal bodies.

A RU may be connected to a certain UKH department but still conduct research on its own. They can have their own board, with representatives from trade, business and society. It is important that the RU maintain close connections with industry and government authorities. The RUs can also act as liaison offices between UKH and other universities. RUs are cornerstone of any University's research plan.
At UKH, any academic staff can propose a new RU by submitting an application for the establishment of the new RU to the Board for Postgraduate Studies and Research. (Link to the RU Application form). The Board for Postgraduate Studies and Research decision will be based on different factors, including, but not restricted to, the mission statement of the RU, the fit with the UKH and the regional government strategic plans, resources which are available, or which may be sought over time, market research, risk assessment.
Research at UKH is focused on generating knowledge that will advance and inform policy and decision makers in the Kurdistan region. Hence, research at UKH focuses on and engages in promoting and supporting sustainable development and responding to market needs in the region and beyond.