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Kurdistan Data and Information Centre

The Data and Information Centre is aimed to provide the platform from which data and information that have been scientifically collected as a result of a series of national surveys by Kurdistan Region Statistics office and The Central Statistics Office of the Federal Government in cooperation with the World Bank together with reports that have resulted from these surveys and reports.  This is designed to be a bottom-up system with geo-referenced data for different sub-districts, districts and governorates.

In addition, to a complete village profile for Kurdistan Region, profiles of schools, universities, hospitals, companies and centres of income are geographically positioned.

Video profiles of over 1000 villages will also be included that is expected to be central to encouraging tourism in Kurdistan.  Further, historic events relating to the destructions occurred during Saddam era.

The database will also provide historic and up-to-date currency prices.

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Software and Research Equipment

The division will work with individual centres at school level to identify and prioritise relevant software and equipment in support of students and research staff’s research initiatives and where necessary and possible, allocate space for them to make sure that full advantage is taken of them.


Division’s Structure

The Division is managed by the Dean of Research in collaboration with a team including:

  1. Directors of Research Centres for each school.
  2. Director of Innovation and Enterprise Centre
  3. Director of CRIS
  4. Director of the Data and Information Centre

As core members of the team supported by two members for logistical and book keeping and reporting.


Each of the directors will have the responsibility of organising research activities and functions within their schools and centres in collaboration with the Dean of Research and the Deans of specific schools.

The management structure of each research centre for schools is formed from the membership of departmental research representatives and an assistant.