Project Outreach


One of the prime objectives of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr has been to have a positive impact and contribute to the socio-political, economical and wellbeing of the Kurdistani society and beyond.  This to be achieved by both academic and professional staff within the university working hand in hand on growing and training a generation of young and capable Kurdistani’s to become the decision-makers and leaders of the future.



The university has been established to concentrate on advancing Kurdistan and the wider region by making science the main component of decision making.  In this, the university is set to work with government, business, industry, and the community to create lasting intellectual, cultural, social, health, environmental and economic benefits for Kurdistan and beyond.

For the sustainability of any practices on these lines, the plans are also to produce graduates with the expertise and intellectual curiosity who can engage in the development of Kurdistan and our communities. 

As a university, UKH intends to engage in conducting research that would be responsive to the needs and challenges facing Kurdistan, the wider region and beyond.  This is only possible by embracing and empowering our community at all levels through share ownership and logical and evidence base decision making for all to feel and sense sharing

We will embrace the communities we serve and engage with them at all levels, sharing of pride in the actions as well as achievements.


Plan of Delivery

  1. All UKH academics are mandated to allocate part of their academic activities to conducting research that is by definition differentiate university lecturers and professors from school teachers.
  2. We require part or all of such research activities to be conducted on the needs of both Kurdistani private and public sectors. Such new initiatives require an added effort to improve communication and understanding of stakeholders for advanced research and their benefits.
  3. A survey of all academic staff will be conducted for identifying academics for participation based on their areas of expertise.
  4. A campaign of familiarity with credible statistical surveys, reports and analysis that have been conducted by the Ministry of Planning and other ministries in cooperation with the World Bank, RAND Corporation and UN organisations and data that have been collected.
  5. Mutually convenient meeting will be arranged between UKH researchers and KRI private and public sectors for informed steps towards establishing research projects that will be relevant to the institutions concerned.
  6. Collaborative steps will be defined and relevant support and requirements will be met to make sure that the agreed projects will be deliverable in their agreed time frame.
  7. Work will continue for the implementation and delivery of the agreed research projects.
  8. Continuous monitoring of progress will be put in place to make sure that the agreed plans will successfully be met.


The core aim of this project is in line with the mission of UKH.  It will set an example for universities and academic institutions to link their academic activities to the needs of the community and adapt science and technology to serve their socio-economical needs.  Furthermore, this will;

  1. Have a positive impact on the image of UKH within and beyond Kurdistan.
  2. Help our internship programme and make it more meaningful to the community.
  3. Assist our Alumni to better find jobs.


Action Related to point ‘4’ in the plan above


All staff need to become familiar with the reports listed below and use as a guide to propose research investigations in preparation for visiting relevant ministries.


  1. Social Protection “A TIME FOR REFORM” Strategic Framework.
  2. Reforming the Economy for shared prosperity and protecting the vulnerable.
  3. Assessing the Economic and Social Impact of the Syrian Conflict and ISIS.
  4. A Vision for the Future: Vision 2020.
  5. Building the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: The Socio-Economic Infrastructure.
  6. The socio economic infrastructure factsheet.