Research and Development Unit (R&D)

The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr has been established initially to become a beacon of change and progress for the system of Higher Education in Kurdistan Region.

This is a great challenge following decades of neglect and a series of embargoes that, to a great degree, have derailed the academic life in the region and Iraq as a whole. 

As part of its strategic plan, the university has set realistic plans to achieve its goals through the provision of high quality and up-to-date learning opportunities that are enriched by a multi-cultural and highly qualified academic researchers drawn from a pool of international experts covering different areas of expertise that are relevant to the needs of Kurdistan Regions private and public sectors. In addition, academic experts are encouraged and supported in directly translating their experiences to the current and future needs of different Kurdistan Region ministries and private companies leading to the generation of up-to-date scientific knowledge for the advancement of the current needs of these sectors with direct implications to the classrooms easing future employability and sustainability of the process.  That is, not only graduates will know how to engage and what to do for whom, but also employers, both private and public, will know the values in employing graduates to improve their performances in general.

The research model at UKH is designed to bank on the large number of opportunities to engage in and strengthen the collaborations between different UN, Not-for-Profit and both the private and public institutions and organisations to make sure that the full quality of science base decision making is realised and Kurdistan Region benefits from such collaboration in all areas of economics, socio-political, engineering and medicine.

In addition to private research, UKH focuses on and engages in real regional problems ranging from engineering and physical sciences to social, economic and political issues. In terms of research training, today we run several high quality master programmes in different areas including Computer Science, Political Science, and Business and Management Sciences. Our graduates have conducted research for their theses in these areas and are equipped to assist the development of the region through the application of research skills and evidence-based decision-making.

To this end, a new Research and Development is aimed to be headed by an expert multidisciplinary academic with a professor title and track record in research and development to be able to work on the established in a positive contribution to the vision and the mission of the university in becoming the science-based support centre for decision making at all levels and providing a platform for business minded entrepreneurs to be engaged with scientists and experts of different relevant disciplines for a healthy, prosperous community and sustainable growth in the economy of the region.

Organisational Chart 

The chart below outlines the structure of the proposed unit together with its branches designed in support of its objectives with an outline of the main functions of each branch including the required

Advisory Board

This is formed of some carefully selected professionals, business people, and politicians of influence with their mandate being to meet on a biannual basis bridging the community at large with the university and help identifying areas of need within different sectors for the university’s research, consultancy and development to consider and concentrate on.