The mission of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) is "to promote the Kurdistan Region through academic excellence".

This will be achieved by, among other things, providing high quality learning opportunities that are driven by local vision and governed by high international standards. This will result in producing graduates that have the knowledge and skills in their discipline areas, as well as critical thinking, hence able to shape the future of the region and beyond. Our academic staff with various cultural backgrounds and a wide range of competences is among the specialties of UKH. Thus, we believe that the science of today and tomorrow will not be developed in isolation. It will be, and is, carried out in collaborative research, in teams with a broad international set-up. The whole experience is designed to broaden our students’ horizons and provide them access to a wider network of knowledge.
The research model at UKH is designed to meet one of our primary goals which is to generate research that advances knowledge and informs policy and decision-making in the Kurdistan region and beyond. Research at UKH focuses on and engages in real regional problems, ranging from engineering and physical sciences to social, economic and political issues. In terms of research training, today we run several high quality master programmes in different areas including Computer Science, Political Science, and Business and Management Sciences. Our graduates have conducted research for their theses in these areas and are equipped to assist the development of the region through the application of research skills and evidence-based decision-making.