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Academic Registrar's Office (ARO)


  Academic Registrar’s Office



The Academic Registrar’s Office strives to provide high-quality professional leadership and guidance in planning, developing, implementing, coordinating and monitoring the university’s academic programmes and strategic plans.  Our mission is to deliver world-class service in addressing the needs of our stakeholders and to offer exemplary experience to all.



The Academic Registrar’s Office aspires to be a department of professional excellence and leadership recognized for its innovative ideas and student-centered values.


Core Values

Accuracy – To uphold exceptional quality in our processes in line with policies of the university and to maintain the correctness of all records.

Integrity – To preserve confidentiality and honesty in all aspects of work in ARO.

Professionalism – To provide high quality professional services to all stakeholders may it be prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty and staff of the university, government institutions, private companies and others.

Responsiveness – To deliver timely information and service.

Transparency – To be willing and open to communicate any actions and endeavors undertaken by the department to improve efficiency of university operations. 

Innovative – To challenge existing practices and ideas where necessary and to harness creativity among ARO team.

Environment Friendly – To foster a sense of social responsibility within ARO demonstrated through practices and initiatives of the department.


Core Functions

1.    Adhere to and implement academic policies and procedures set by the University of Kurdistan Hewler.

2.    Admission and Recruitment of Students – conversion of inquiries into admissions, and recruitment of students through Open House, School Visits and Company Visits.

3.    Registration Process – Opening and closing of modules, and registration, withdrawal and termination of students.

4.    Preparation of Timetables (academic timetable and exam timetables), Academic Calendar, and ARO Calendar.

5.    Maintaining Student Records – Admission requirements (high school transcripts and certificates, application form, identification card, etc.), grades and transcript, appeals (forms and decision).

6.    Student Support – Initial academic advice and study plan, release of grades, information dissemination through emails and posting of announcements at the bulletin board, assistance regarding appeals, change of major, transfer credits, degree conferral/graduation, verification letters, etc.

7.    Academic Support – Providing class lists, tracking of attendance, submission of grades,

8.    Provides record keeping for the university – University prospectus which includes catalogues of all schools and departments, academic policies, admission policies and fees policies of students, Student Handbook, Academic Manual which lists procedures, Minutes of meetings with approved decrees, Module descriptors (syllabi), Assessment criteria, etc.

9.    Coordination with partner universities regarding exchange programs and transfer of credits.

10. Preparation of Reports: Enrollment reports, Registration, Quality of Courses, Grade Distribution (Exam Boards), Comparative Reports, and any reports that may be used for strategic decision making of the university.

11. Preparing and coordinating Orientation for new students and Graduation Ceremony.

12. Coordinating with other departments in the revision and publication of the Student Handbook and University Prospectus.

13. Coordinating with other departments such as Finance for student fees and payment, Engineering and Services department for room allocation and student accommodation, IT department for student email address and other IT issues, Media department for admission and recruitment promotional materials, for the preparation and arrangement of orientation and graduation ceremonies, and other departments as the case may need.