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The Doctorate in Business Management (DBA) programme is 240 credit designed programme for professional applicants. This is an executive degree that intends to walk the applicant into a more in depth array of the latest decision making skills and techniques in business and management. Graduates of this program will enjoy great opportunities of working as seniors in higher executive positons in the different business organizations. This programme is designed for applicants with a professional master’s in business and management related areas. The student needs to submit an English language proficiency of PTE 50% or any equivalent exam score. English foundation program is also available at UKH (Check website for more details). The applicant must successfully pass an entrance exam of both, written and oral questions worth to 30%. The first 15% of the marks are devoted to generic questions in the area of Business Management while the remaining 15% are devoted for more dissertation subject area by the student. The remaining 70% is valued based on scores given to each mark above the graduation average in the previous degree (one score for extra mark) and any outstanding achievements such as patents or outstanding projects at work.


The essence of delivering the modules in this programme evolves around case studies combined with the latest empirical research that concludes with concrete generalized business and management practices that can be used by the applicant after graduation Passing mark is 60% in each of the 8 modules being studied over 2 semesters while the average of the four modules should be no less than 70%. Different modules have different evaluation modes generally covering a coursework of no less than 40% and no more than 60% while the rest is deployed over the midterm exams/final written exam or projects. Coursework normally includes but not limited to case studies, reports, assignments and presentations. The student needs to take 120 credits in the preparation year laid out on two semesters each semester carrying 60 credits, 15 credits for each module. After successfully passing the preparation year, the student will commence with a 120 credit bearing dissertation of no less than 40,000 words that normally follows a case study methodology or an applicable project proposal.


The student needs to score no less than 70% in each of the 8 modules being studied over 2 semesters. The total mark for each module is 100% that is divided as following: 60% for coursework that involves; 30% for 13 group work activities of theory vs. application, presentations on a weekly basis, 10% for 2 in depth reports covering best business or/and management practices of companies, 10% for a module related mini applied theme proposal and 10% for quizzes. The reaming 40% will be allocated for a written final exam.

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements for DBA Degree are:

a.    A candidate seeking admission to the programme of  Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) at UKH must have MPhil/MA/MSc with a minimum score of 70% or an equivalent GPA and BA/BSc with a minimum score of 60% or an equivalent GPA from any recognised institution, in a field of study relating to the respective subject for which s/he is seeking admission provided that a competent supervisory committee can be made in accordance with the UKH rules.

b.     The BA/BSc for DBA applicants can be from fields other than Business Administration, to the condition that the applicant has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) followed by the BA/BSc.

c.       A score of at least 60 in a Pearson Test of English (Academic), or the equivalent in IELTS or TOFEL examination.

d.       Age/Gender: There shall be no gender or age discrimination for admission to the PhD programme.

e.       Candidates seeking admission to a PhD/DBA programme shall have to submit their applications directed to one of the Programmes of Research that have been announced by relevant Schools and Departments within UKH that would be assessed by the relevant Department, School and the UKH Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPGS).  They are also expected to submit a Research Proposal of three to four A4 pages in length in a font size of 12 following the specific form provided by UKH under the title of “Outlines of the Proposed Research Topic".

f.        Candidates seeking admission to a PhD/DBA programme shall have to appear for an interview.

g.      An written entrance exam worth over 30% (15% generic in the major + 15% specific in the MA/MSc area). Passing mark is 15% in order to move to the next stage.

h.       70% will be decided within the schools’ requirements.

i.        The applicant must score 50% and above in the total of 30% and 70% in order to be qualified to enter the PhD/DBA program and start as a full time researcher.

NoteFor AY 2018-19 applications, please email [email protected] or visit UKH's Registry Office.

Tuition Fee

$6,000 USD per academic year

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