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MSc in Computer Systems Engineering


The programme is designed for students from a computer science or engineering background or a closely related field of study. It is a 'taught' and 'research' based Master. The programme has a unique design in terms of hardware and software related subject combination of modules and fields of research. 

This unique program is to help students in the Kurdistan region to pursue their post graduate studies by employing advanced and cutting edge computer technologies, which will eventually prepare them to be leaders in the fields of computer engineering in the region. Graduates of the master's programmes will be equipped to enter doctoral study in their discipline or to be employed in a subject-related environments.


Length of program: 2 years (4 semesters).

Total modules taught: 8 modules of 15 credits each. Dissertation: It carries 60 credits that is planned for the last two semesters. 

Overall Schedule:

First year: 8 modules, 4 per semester. The MSc project proposal should be submitted at the end of the 2nd semester.

Second year: Working on the MSc Dissertation.

The Dissertation: It should be submitted at the end of the 2nd semester of the 2nd year.

Semester Schedule:
Total duration: 17 weeks.
Teaching: 14 weeks.
Teaching hours per module:
15 credit modules: 3 contact hours per week.
Laboratory sessions: Varies according to each module.
Midterm Exam: 1 week.
Final Exam: 2 weeks.

Total required credits for graduation: 180 credits to be eligible for the MSc degree in Computer Engineering.


The teaching list includes, but not limited to, modules such as: Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, Real-time Embedded Systems, Software System Engineering, Networking and Distributed Systems, Soft computing.

Skills Development

This programme will equip students with an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the technological aspects of computer systems and current issues and developments in the subject area. The programme will enable students to undertake a research project in computer systems engineering that makes up a considerable part of the overall assessment. 

The students will be capable to choose a research subject and develop a proposal to work on. In addition, some other skills such as learning how to be initiative and taking responsibility, solve problems in creative and innovative ways, continue to learn independently, and to develop professional capacity will be practiced.


The assessment methods are designed both to reflect and demonstrate the outcomes of intended learning and to support the aims of producing a generation of researchers or specialized and skilled employees professionals. Students are assessed via a wide range of methods (written exam, assignment, laboratory reports, quizzes, oral presentations and problem solving exercises) in order to ensure the development of an extensive range of abilities and skills over the duration of the programme. Finally, the dissertation or other output from research/project work, which may include artifacts (products) as well, will represent one third of the whole assessment.

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements for Master’s Degree are:

1.     Minimum undergraduate average of 60%  

Note:  Equalized transcript is required for students who have graduated from international institutions.  

2.    Minimum English Language requirement is 50 in PTE6 in IELTS or 74 in ibt-TOEFL

3.    Interview

 Note: For AY 2021-22 applications, please email [email protected] or visit UKH's Registry Office.

Tuition Fee

$10,000 per programme

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