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BSc in Economics and Finance


The economic and finance sectors in the Kurdistan Region are very important. The Region is considered to be an up and coming economy and an emerging market. Whilst this may have a number of positive connotations, there are several challenges. The growth and continuous development of the region depend on a highly skilled local workforce. Many of the new banks and other financial services providers in Kurdistan are wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign companies. Their recruiting policies may change in the short to medium term and they will be looking to employ locally. Also, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is in need of economic advisors in various directories. KBS will ensure that the graduates of the programme are well equipped for this work. Perhaps the greatest threat to the region is not from the global economic conditions but from closer afield. Thus, there is a need to widen the portfolio of academic programmes which are attractive to Kurdish students. This 480 credit programme focuses on how to support students with the analysis and finding solutions for issues in key areas of macro and micro economics, financial management, econometrics and industrial development. To apply, the student should have a high school score of 60% and above is required, pass the entrance exam test set by the department and a minimum English Language requirement of 45 in PTE, 5.5 in IELTS or 64 in ibt-TOEFL followed by an interview.

Teaching Methods

Teaching and learning methods include, but are not limited to lectures, tutorials, seminars, group activities, revisions, and open learning. During lectures, students usually participate by making systematic notes (lecturers rarely dictate). Students are expected to make notes on different activities being lectures or video or audio-visual presentations.

 As for tutorials, students may have regular tutorial sessions timetabled for certain modules.  The division of the class into smaller groups for tutorials means that not only will they have the opportunity to participate, but that such participation is a requirement. In tutorials, students develop the skills that they will need to pass the module.

In the case of practical activities, sessions involve problem solving and similar work including the use of computers in their various applications in laboratories. In addition, seminars often involve the presentation and discussion of a paper. Later in the programme students may find that many seminar papers are given by fellow students, but in the first year, the topic under discussion may be drawn from a case study or a video-recording. The purpose of such activities is to help students to learn by doing. 


The BSc in Economics and Finance is a four-year programme. Each year is divided into two semesters. Normally four taught modules are given in each semester, each module bearing 60 credits. The student must score at least 50% in each module in order to successfully pass the semester. In the final year the student is required to write a graduation project.


Evaluation methods and assessment strategies are not necessarily different with existing methods of the University. However, each course specifics will be highlighted in the module descriptors.

Admission Criteria

Admission requirements are: 

  1. Secondary school certificate, attained within the last five years and with a general high school score of 65% and above.
  2. School Entrance Test  (Consists of general knowledge questions)
  3. Minimum English Language requirement is 52 Versant (Conditional Offer)45 in PTE, 5.5 in IELTS or 64 in ibt-TOEFL.
  4. Interview 

Note: Conditional Offer may be given to applicants who submit the required minimum score from Versant English Placement Test - Pearson.

Applicants dismissed for any reason from any university, school or college will not be considered.

***Notice: For AY 2021-22 applications, please email [email protected] or visit UKH's Registry Office.

Note: For AY 2019-20 applications, please email [email protected] or visit UKH's Registry Office.


Tuition Fee

$3000 per academic year

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