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BSc in Software Engineering


Software systems are the cornerstones of most of the modern businesses, which are often complex and long lived. By studying Software Engineering course, the students are equipped with the skills needed to follow a career to develop such systems.

The programme has a unique design in terms of hardware and software related subject combination of modules and fields of research. This unique program is to help students in the Kurdistan region to pursue their undergraduate studies by employing advanced and cutting edge computer technologies, which will eventually prepare them to be leaders in the fields of software engineering in the region.

Software Engineering students will benefit from learning informed by experienced international academic staffs. They will learn about programming skills, software development and maintenance, database design and web/ mobile technologies, gaining an awareness of professional practice and social responsibility.


Length of program: 4 years (8 semesters). Total modules taught: 34 of which 12 carry 10 credits and 22 carry 15 credits. A final year project: It carries 30 credits that is planned for two semesters in which the student.

First 2 years: 20 modules: 5 per semester.
Third year: 8 modules: 4 per semester.
Final year: 6 modules: 3 per semester along with the final year project.
Semester schedule: Teaching hours per module:
Total duration: 17 weeks: 15 credit modules: 3 hours per week.
Teaching: 14 weeks:10 credit modules: 2 hours per week.
Midterm Exam: 1 week: Laboratory sessions: Varies according to each module.
Final Exam: 2 weeks.
Total required credits for graduation: 480 credits to be eligible for the BSc degree in Computer Science.



Some of the modules taught in this programme covering the key areas are: Structured/ Object Oriented Programming, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Computer Graphics, Web Technologies, Software Engineering and Development, Software Testing and Evaluation, Game Development and Mobile Application Development. 

Final year project is realised by the student through two semesters. The project should cover the knowledge that the student earned through his programme during his/her stay in the university.

Skills Development

The first year is common with other programs in the department to build up the mathematical base, the critical thinking and the problem solving techniques. Starting from second year, students begin to develop their Software Engineering-based skills by taking related courses such as Discrete Mathematics and Algorithm Design and Analysis, and by the end of the fourth year the complete syllabus of Software Engineering program will be covered. 

The programme emphasises on the various aspects of developing software systems including: System Analysis and Design, Software Development Engineering, Secure Software Development, Software Testing and Evaluation. Furthermore, the students will be in touch with different frameworks of developing Game Applications along with Dynamic Web sites and Mobile Applications.    


The Departmental philosophy is to effect positive changes through excellent teaching and learning pedagogy. The assessment methods are designed both to reflect and support the above aims. Students are assessed via a wide range of methods (written exam, assignment, oral presentation, lab reports, and quizzes) in order to ensure the development of an extensive range of abilities and skills over the duration of the programme. Project realization, individual or group project activities, presentations, and time constraints are other ways of assessments to see the ability of students to integrate multiple skills and apply them practically.

Admission Criteria

Admission requirements are: 

  1. Secondary school certificate, attained within the last five years and with a general high school score of 75% and above.
  2. Minimum high school education score of  70% in Mathematics and Physics.
  3. School Entrance Test
  4. Minimum English Language requirement is  52 Versant (Conditional Offer); 45 in PTE, 5.5 in IELTS or 64 in ibt-TOEFL.
  5. Scheduled Interview 

Note: Conditional Offer may be given to applicants who submit the required minimum score from Versant English Placement Test - Pearson.

Applicants dismissed for any reason from any university, school or college will not be considered.

***Notice: For AY 2021-22 applications, please email [email protected] or visit UKH's Registry Office.

Tuition Fee

$4,000 per academic year

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