UKH Hosts Prominent Kurdish Scientist and Inventor Azad Najar

19 days ago

Prominent Kurdish scientist, inventor and physician Dr. Azad Najar was hosted by the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr today 9 February 2021.

Azad Najar is a senior consultant and is the founder of the Scandinavian Real Heart which has developed an artificial heart pump known as the first four-chamber artificial heart in the world.

Azad Najar was warmly received by Dr. Heja Sindi, UKH Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research who gave Najar an overview on UKH’s newly opened Creativity and Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC).

“We are very proud and honored to welcome a world class Kurdish scholar who is striving serve humanity through his creativity and innovations” said Heja Sindi while welcoming Azad Najar. “One of the practical examples of innovation and creativity is what we proudly with our colleagues in UKH management have envisaged in CEC in the light of UKH vision, as we believe that the existing talents must be nurtured and put into more sustainable entities” he continued.

UKH auditorium was fully occupied by UKH students, staff and faculty members for Azad Najar’s seminar, “The Process of Innovation and Creativity”.

In his seminar, Azad Najar highlighted the key factors assisted his enormous invention in Sweden and shed the light on strategies to adopt a similar environment in the Kurdistan Region. He stressed out the importance of assisting the youth in Kurdistan to be able to invent and become creative, “The universities are the best place for such a mission” he said.

Azad Najar thanked UKH students and staff for their enthusiasm and eagerness for learning as they engaged in detailed discussions with him on his innovative project of the First Artificial Heart.


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