Building on the Experience of a Hash Code Glory

1 year ago

Building on the Experience of a Hash Code Glory


For the second year in a row, University of Kurdistan took the initiative to host a global coding event. Hash Code is the brain child of Google and it is a hub for those who appreciate a world-class programming competition. The international event provides an unmatched opportunity for the participants to challenge other programmers in a team-based world-wide coding competition.


The event which lasted for four hours, was held in the computer Labs of the School of Science and Engineering and in it, contesting student teams put to test their exceptional problem solving and coding skills.


The initial results outline the hidden potential of the in-house teams. The gained experience and the flow of the team spirit were instrumental in pushing our participating students beyond the previously established lines.


The final scores will be announced in March but the heat generated during the final moments of the competition will probably out shadow any number and scores ever known to Google.


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