University of Kurdistan Students Internship Program at the Kurdistan Parliament

1 year ago

Students from University of Kurdistan’s Department of Politics & International Relations have recently enrolled in an internship program at the Parliament of Kurdistan Region – Iraq. The students were warmly welcomed by the Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami on Tuesday, 12 November on the introductory day of the program.

“The purpose of this program is to expose the students to real life situations, to understand how parliament functions in the Kurdistan Region, to get acquainted with parliament’s research center, and to develop the skills necessary for a career in politics” said Ahang Hamid, Internship Program Supervisor at the University of Kurdistan.

The program is designed to relate the theory students have learned in the classroom to the practical world of work. Furthermore, it will encourage participants to understand work responsibility, as well as to develop a professional work ethic. Most importantly, the activities of this program will help students identify topics for their final research paper.

The students are going to have access to parliament facilities, in addition to participating in the sessions of the parliament. The Deputy Speaker is a UKH Alumnus and has already experienced student life at our campus. “I am proudly saying that I am a UKH alumnus and I encourage you all to work hard towards gaining experience and knowledge to serve your nation in the fields of politics and International affairs,” Hawrami said while addressing the students.

Having topped the national list of universities in the region, the University of Kurdistan is well known for enriching its students’ experience with events that are closely related to their field of studies and their future careers.


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