Business Week for Business Management Students

6 months ago

Students from Business Management Department UG III had a busy week in the beginning of November, selling home made products, organic foods and drinks and offering different services in the university campus. These activities were undertaken in response to an assignment for Service Market class, designed by the class lecturer Mamilan Rowf, to introduce the students to real life market challenges and opportunities. Being divided into eight groups, each group were given a $5 loan from their instructor to invest and asked to come up with an idea to start a small business inside UKH campus and then to promote their services and products.


This activity was designed in a way that the participating students would practice the different functions of business such as planning, negotiation skills, sales and providing customer services.  All the daily revenues were reinvested for the next day work until the end of the week.


The university campus was buzzing with students presenting their own products and services and selling them to fellow students, staff and guests.  The smell of fresh Dolma (cultural Kurdish food), sweets, organic pomegranate juice (Halabja Pomegranate), and other homemade products were all over the place.  There were also many places with  diet planning schedules, flower selling booths and quick sketch portraits.  

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