Green Hopes: Heightening Opportunities for Promoting Employment and Sustainability

1 year ago

In collaboration with Cesvi and CNSF NGOs, University of Kurdistan held an event to introduce and kick start a campaign that aims to raise awareness and promote social cohesion, inclusion and peace building in the Kurdistan region.

Cesvi and CNSF NGOs are jointly implementing the development project “Green Hopes: Heightening Opportunities for Promoting Employment and Sustainability." With the support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), the project is supporting 300 vulnerable people, inclusive of Kurdish host community, Iraqi IDPs, and Syrian refugees living in Erbil. The two organizations are assisting them through the provision of agricultural support and micro-business support.

To further support the social cohesion in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and to shed a light on the students' energy and voice, as enablers of a peaceful coexistence among all the inhabitants of this country, Cesvi and CNSF are launching a social cohesion contest among local university students.

To participate you are required to fill in your application through the link below and produce a social cohesion message and explain to us what social cohesion means to you. The slogan content must be original and your own.

The goal of the contest is to select the 3 best messages that will become part of Cesvi and CNSF's campaign for social cohesion and will be broadcast on the radio and shared via social media. The 3 best messages will get a monetary prize!


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