42% UKH Students Employed Before Graduation

1 year ago

A large percent of the undergraduate students of the University of Kurdistan Hewler’s have been employed before their graduation, according to a survey.

According to the survey conducted among the undergraduate level 4 students during their last days of examination and paper/project submission, over 40% of the students graduating this year have been already employed.

The purpose of this survey, conducted by the Department of Public Relations, was to show the demand and employability of UKH students in the Kurdistan Region before their graduation.  A total of 82% of all the graduating students participated in the survey.

In response to the question “I am currently: 1) Full-time employed 2) Self-employed 3) Part-time employed 4) Doing an internship 5) Unemployed” the majority of the respondents have shown that they are currently not employed and 42% of graduating students say that they have been employed. Almost 27% of the graduating students say they have been full-time employed, one person says he has his own business, 10% say they have a part-time job, one person doing an internship, and 58% say they are currently unemployed.

UKH graduating students are working in top employers in the Kurdistan Region. They work in the telecommunications sectors such as Korek Telecom and Asiacell, oil companies such as DNO, Taqa and Petrova; in international NGOs such as IOM, PAO, HIA Hungary; and in the Kurdistan Regional Government’s various offices and departments.

The graduating students have been asked whether they had any chance of doing an internship while at UKH. In response, around 78% of all students say they have had an internship while being a student at UKH.

Asked what they will be doing in the next three months, the students response was as follows: 40% find a job, %7.5 study another degree, %20 take a long break, and %37.5 find a job and study another degree. These 37.5% who will look both for a job and another degree, will likely reapply to UKH, as previous years have shown. 

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