A Booklet for UKH Alumni

3 months ago

At UKH, one major concern is to remain connected with our Alumni. We want to support them throughout their lives and work, offering them many benefits, for example jobs fairs, networking opportunities and shopping discounts. Working towards this we have instituted an integrated database of student and alumni details, created personalised UKH emails for them and granted them access to our Alumni Portal. The below message is from Dr. Mochtar, the Vice Chancellor of UKH to our alumni after printing the Alumni Booklet:

Vice Chancellor’s Message 

Upon my appointment as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) in 2016, I was asked by His Excellency Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, our esteemed Chancellor, to develop an Alumni Association and prepare a booklet containing all existing information about the UKH alumni.

His Excellency, being the visionary founder of the University, wished to be more engaged with UKH's alumni as a part of his overall strategy of improving higher education in Kurdistan.

From his point of view, the University’s mission doesn’t consist of only providing modern education to its students, but making sure that they can contribute to the development of their country and access the job market, infusing it with their gained expertise and skills.

According to the latest rankings by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2019, UKH is the leading academic institution in the region and its alumni, which are so-rightly called ‘The Prideof UKH’, are the leaders in their respective fields. As far as employability is concerned, over 90% of UKH graduates are currently employed and the University's Alumni Association continues to make strides toward enhancing our alumni's networking and career engagement opportunities. Our objectives are guided by His Excellency's vision for UKH alumni and as we move forward, we look to further strengthening the relations with our alumni.

In order to achieve this aim we have developed the following systems from which we are able to download and print the information:

  • A central database for our students and alumni (part of the overall University Management System).
  • Statistics reports and student information which are extracted from the database and utilized as required.
  • A separate Alumni portal, to enable Alumni to login and access the Library Catalogue, Alumni Directory, Job Opportunities, Shopping discounts, alongside their own basic profiles.

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