Our New Campus – A Work in Progress

10 months ago

Our new campus is about to take form - an educational establishment for students to grow the complete person, body and mind alike, to develop their intellect, skills and abilities to the highest levels.

We have planned and started work on our new campus -

  • situated in a prime location between 100m and 120m roads
  • easily accessible from the City Centre
  • designed for sustainably and managed with the latest smart technologies
  • a capacity of 8,000 students
  • a pedestrianised centre containing key services; auditorium, library, cafeteria and research centres
  • a layout and design that echos the circular design of Hawler itself in a very modern style
  • individual departmental and school buildings radiating outwards
  • separate hospital, laboratories and conference facilities
  • beautifully landscaped green areas with multipurpose functionality providing numerous opportunities for both study and relaxation
  • a variety of spaces to suit all educational needs and purposes
  • a user friendly and disabled accessible site with ample parking
  • extensive sports and accommodation areas for both staff and students

More news to follow as we progress in our building…

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