UKH Scholars Granted £30,000 for Educational Research

9 months ago

Two scholars from the University of Kurdistan Hewler receive a grant of £30,000 for research on postgraduate teaching certificate.


The Nahrein Network (in collaboration with the University College London and the University of Oxford) has awarded a research grant of around £30,000 (≈ 38,500 USD) to both Dr. Olga Babenko and Dr. Anwar Anaid.


The research project is titled “Postgraduate Teaching Certificate Programme: A Scientific, Historical and Intercultural Approach” that aims at designing an internationally competitive, contextually adapted and culturally aware Postgraduate Teaching Certificate Programme for Master’s degree graduates in order to empower them with the best international teaching practices, adapt their teaching methodology to post-ISIS and post-conflict context, and promote historical, cultural and artistic heritage of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


This project will enhance local teaching expertise at a tertiary level, promote better understanding and collaboration between countries and cultures in the field of higher education, and induce internationalization of local teaching staff as well as better adaptation of international teaching staff to the local environment and culture. Additionally, the research will help to bring up attention to Kurdish history and culture and to establish the postgraduate teacher training ground for upbringing patriotic Kurdish elité in the sphere of higher education.


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