A Book by Current and Former UKH Academics, Students on Iraqi Kurdistan’s Quest for Independence

8 months ago

A book that focuses on the example of federalism and the quest of independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan with insightful contribution from current and former UKH staff and as well as a current PhD student has been published.

Titled “Federalism, Secession and International Recognition Regime: Iraqi Kurdistan,” the book has been published by major publishing house Routledge and contains contributions from current and former academics of the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Edited by Alex Danilovich, the book details the formation of the current federal system in Iraq, the federal relationships, and the quest by the Kurdistan Regional Government to form a sovereign state following tensions between the Region and the Federal Government.

The chapter contributions are by Dr Anwar Anaid, Dean of School of Social Sciences; Sara Mustafa, Lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR); Dr. Emel Elif Tugdar, Dr Nigel M. Greaves, Dr Francis Owtram, Dr Hugo El Kholi, former lecturers at DPIR, with other scholars outside UKH. It also has a book chapter from the current PhD student Hemin Akreyi. Other contributors are Dr Ryan D. Griffihs, Dr Sardar Aziz, Dr Sherko Kirmanj, Dr Serhun Ali, Dr David Romano, Shivan Rojhilat, Dr Paula Pineda, and Kirill Vertyaev.

The book is divided into two parts and twelve chapters. Part I covers federalism, domestic politics and secession, while Part II is about recognition regimes, global powers, and significant neighbors on Kurdistan’s sovereignty aspirations.

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