Prestigious Research Institution Co-partnered with UKH on Cultural Heritage: We Need more Kurds, females to Conduct Research

10 months ago

The UKH’s Centre on Culture, History, and Humanities for Sustainable Development (CCHH) on Sunday has announced a number of grants for Kurdish and Iraqi researchers in collaboration with Nahrein Network.

The window for application for the grants, some up to £100,000, is open now until mid-November this year. The programme has secured funds for four years.

UKH, University College London (UCL), and Oxford’s  Ashmolean Museum have joined their forces through the Nahrein Network to push for sustainable development both in Iraq and its neighbours through the Nahrein Network.

Dr Anwar Anaid, dean of the UKH’s School of Social Sciences and also the CCHH Director, and Professor Eleanor Robson who is the Network's Director-from UCL-co-introduced the grants in an event held at the UKH main campus attended by academics.

The objective is to encourage homegrown researchers to better involve in contributing to the study of culture, heritage and humanities with regards to Iraq and Kurdistan Region, Dr Anaid and Professor  Robson emphasised.

Professor Robson said that they would like to see more and more Kurdish and female researchers entering the programme since so far their participation have been at the lowest level.

The programme currently has partnership with various Iraqi and Kurdish institutions with the focus on preserving and the development of the cultural heritage in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

The Director of the Kurdish Textile Museum Mr Lolan Mustafa Sipan, Professor Ali Yaseen Al-Juboori, from Faculty of Archeology, University of Mosul, and Dr Shireen Younis Ismael, from the University of Duhok’s College of Spatial Planning and Applied Sciences, among others, attended the event.

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