UKH Updates E-Learning System Moodle, Holds Workshops on New Features

9 months ago

The UKH IT Department held two workshops for the academic staff to explain the latest updates made to the university’s Moodle that was first introduced in 2013.

The workshop was held for two days on 3rd and 4th October 2018 in two different sessions for approximately 30 of the academic staff.

Moodle, an online platform used to facilitate academic communications between the staff and students such as submitting assignments, was first used by the UKH in  2013. The customized portal has since being updated to include features such as Turnitin for plagiarism.

The university uses Class Attendance electronically for the first time this year.

Shamal Sabah, an IT Deputy Manager who presented the two sessions, said that the annual training is to meet the demands of the new lecturers, and to update the staff about the new features. He added that their target is to achieve the highest standards when using e-Learning system.

The UKH’s Academic Registrar’s Office, per the new configurations, are tasked to approve courses submitted by the academic staff. The process is also monitored and assessed by the UKH’s Quality Assurance Department to ensure that the courses are well-updated and up to the high standards of the higher education as well as to take into consideration the student's feedback.

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