UKH Charity Foundation provides donations to a Yazidi makeshift camp

1 year ago

The UKH Charity Foundation has delivered donations to 16 Yazidi families who live in makeshift camp in Erbil.

The families have been displaced as the Islamic State controlled much of Nineveh province including their home land of Sinjar, west of Mosul. They have taken the site of an unfinished building as their camp since 2016.

Sevar  Qayes, project coordinator for the charity, said that they have planned more trips to the camp to deliver much needed essential food items like milk.

Mamo Qawal, a middle-aged man who helps organize the affairs of the camp, said that he was happy that at least some organizations like the UKH Charity Foundation (UKHCF) know that they exist inside the Kurdish capital.

“The problem is that not so many people know we live here,” Qawal said, adding that they feel like they have been neglected since the camp does not have an official status. He hoped events like the donation on Monday can help spread the news about their plight.

Qayes, from the charity, said that it was important for them to provide help and support for the displaced people who  are closer to the university – the camp is a short drive from the main campus of the University of Kurdistan Hewler.

The UKHFC was established in 2017 to help organize community activities conducted by the university’s staff and students. In 2017, it provided funds and goods to about 500 families displaced following the Iraqi takeover of the oil-rich Kirkuk city.

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