UKH's SPE Chapter & Spe Erbil Section Organised Forum on 'Women in Engergy'

1 year ago

On May 10th, the University of Kurdistan Hewler SPE Chapter with Spe Erbil Section organized a forum titled 'Women in Energy'. The forum focused on females working in different sectors and roles of the E&P business and the importance of gender diversity within all areas of it. The forum also addressed challenges and difficulties that women continue to face on a regular basis. Participants consisted of students and graduates in petroleum department or specialist involved in or connected to the Oil and Gas Industry at a few universities/institutes in the Kurdistan region.

The University thanked the speakers for their encouraging words, especially for the University's female junior petroleum students. These efforts were recognized with dean of school of engineering and science support. The below links are the appreciated participating and collaborative sections for this event.

SPE Erbil Section

Koya University SPE Student Chapter

SPE - KU - University of K...oya Student Chapter
SPE Baghdad Section
SPE - University of Baghdad Chapter
University of Technology, Baghdad SPE Chapter
SPE Basra-Iraq Section
SPE - University of Kirkuk Student Chapter
SPE Kirkuk Section


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