UNAMI Regional Chief Delivered Seminar to UKH Students and Staff

1 year ago

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) office head in the Kurdistan Region gave a seminar to the University of Kurdistan Hewl?r students and staff on Wednesday.

Hosted by the Centre of Regional and International Studies, the seminar by Mr Ricardo Rodriguez focused on the foundation of the United Nations (UN), the UNAMI mandate and their role in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and working with the UN.

?UNAMI has no executive powers, instead we facilitate, advice, and mediate,? explained Mr Rodriguez on the extent of their authority, adding that they have a specific, political mandate from the UN Security Council to help the Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Government move forward.

Mr Rodriguez was also received by the UKH Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar who briefed him on the University?s academic developments and near future plans.

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