?Escaping? A tryptic of abstract oil paintings

1 year ago

Different canvas shapes and sizes chosen to represent the voyage of those fleeing from their homes. The overwhelming number of people huddled together to safety has been shown worldwide by the media, but unless you see it for real, you will never understand the sheer magnitude of this catastrophic situation. I have tried to capture the volume of those fleeing and huddled together, families, friends trying to get to safety.

Biography of the artist
Tracy Fenton
B.A Fine Arts
M.A. Creative Education
PGCE- Higher Education.

Tracy Fenton originally from the U.K is a fine artist who works in all mediums, her work is a representation of life as she sees it and since moving to Erbil has produced work that gathers her view of the world here. Fenton has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has had work published in magazines and newspapers.

Last year she opened the first ever Holistic Art centre at the University of Kurdistan Hewl?r, providing support for students and staff with their emotions, and wellbeing through creativity in all its forms.

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