UKH hosts Iraqi Kurdistan at a Crossroads Conference at Saad Abdullah hall with a powerful launch day

3 years ago

From its inception 6 months ago, the international Conference set out with the ambition to bring together academics, researchers and scholars, specialists in their political and scientific fields from regional and global institutions and organisations, to discuss the pivotal position Iraqi Kurdistan now finds itself in. The focus specifically being the political arena domestically, regionally and internationally. His Excellency the Prime Minister Nechivan Barzani opened the Conference following the Vice Chancellor?s opening speech, with encouraging words. His Excellency stressed the importance of this event in bringing together the greatest scientific minds in the world to help assist KRI in its national development and act in the national interests of the Region.

The two day Conference featured 4 vibrant and rich panels addressing ?Federalism, Secession and Recognition Regime?, ?Neighbouring Countries? Policies towards Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan? and the two second day panels which were both entitled ?Global Powers? Strategies towards Iraq and Kurdistan?. Panel Chairs and Members were wide ranging in their specialisms and native countries, from Russia to UK, US, Europe and the Middle East. Institutions represented by speakers and participants included some of the worlds? top ranked universities including the US?s John Hopkins and UK?s UCL and Cambridge. Attendance was full to capacity on the opening day with wide media coverage and drawing much local, regional and international attention. 

The Conference concluded on a very positive and uplifting note in recognition that for the first time a gap had been bridged between the Western and Middle Eastern perspectives with a mutual understanding of both and where the work can now be done towards more solidarity in KRI?s aims with the rest of the world. Presentations, outcomes and findings of the Conference will be synthesised and collated into working documents which, as KRG has already confirmed, will be used carefully and purposely to help shape and inform government policy on the way forward for Iraqi Kurdistan, particularly concerning the road to independence and for the strategic planning of Foreign Relations.

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