UKH AKFA Seminar on Economic Challenges and Solutions

3 years ago

Under the auspices of the UKH Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mochtar, the University of Kurdistan Hewler today co-hosted a seminar with the America Kurdistan Friendship Association, AKFA, titled the ?Economic challenges and discussions on finding solutions?. The panel session speakers were Dr. Anwar Anaid, UKH Dean for School of Social Sciences, James Parks, Senior Economic Advisor to the Kurdistan Regional Government and Sharyn Fitzgerald, Economic & Commercial Officer, Consulate General of the United States. The panel session began with Dr. Anwar explaining the background of KRG?s financial crises and offering some solutions from the perspective of political economy. Following Dr. Anwar?s presentation, Mrs. Sharyn Fitzgerald, after emphasizing the importance of ongoing cooperation between US Consulate and UKH, began with commending the KRG?s ongoing financial plans in response to the recent external economic shocks. These shocks were unarguably viewed to be due to three essential factors: the drop in oil prices, the ISIS attack on Kurdistan Region coupled with the influx of IDPs and refugees into the Region. The final speaker was Mr. James Parks, Senior Economic Advisor to the Kurdistan Regional Government, who described the KRG?s future economic plans, addressed the current financial crisis and the challenges KRG faces regarding the implementations of its economic reform plans. 

The panel session presentations came to an end by the moderator Dr. Hemin Mirkhan, Director of the Centre for Regional and International Studies, followed by Q&A session with the audience, UKH students and faculty members.

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