Information Technology Administration

Department of Information Technology Administration has the overall responsibility for planning, developing and operating UKH's central information and communications infrastructure.

Information Technology Admin Division provides University-wide information technology services for the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH), which help UKH in achieving its mission of excellence in education and research, and by supporting excellent administration. Our staff in IT Admin division works collaboratively with other administration divisions and academic departments to provide IT service that support the needs of all users at the UKH.

IT Services:

  • General Services:
    • Internet (Cable and Wireless).
    • Email.
    • Website.
  • Academic Staff:
    • Moodle e-Learning System.
    • Printing Services
    • Technical Support.
    • Extension phone.
    • IT Equipment provision.
  • Admin Staff:
    • IT Support.
    • IT Equipment provision.
    • Extension Phone.
    • Software solutions and developments.
    • Network & Server Solutions.

IT Staff

# First Name Title Email
1 Akam Omer Director [email protected]
2 Samrand Mahmood IT Admin Officer (Software Developer) [email protected]
3 Baxtiyar Amin IT Admin Supervisor (Network) [email protected]
Mariwan Hussein IT Admin Supervisor (Support)
[email protected]
 5 Ala Sarchell IT Admin Officer (Support) [email protected]
 6 Muhammed Shaker Senior IT Admin Associate (Support)
[email protected]
7 Fkri Barzani IT Help Desk Associate
[email protected]
IT Admin Help Desk
  [email protected]