School of Business

Business and Management

Welcome to the Department of Business and Management at the University of Kurdistan Hewler. Business qualifications are the most popular university degrees in the world and the School of Business is one of the leading educators in the region. Business and management degrees offers those who seek to study the field a vast array of opportunities, ranging from government, multi-nationals, small to medium enterprises, to running and owning your own business as an entrepreneur. 

The department offers a full range of degrees from bachelor, masters to PhD. Our very popular Bachelor of Business and Management is very competitive and attracts some of the brightest young talent from the region, educating them to become business leaders of the future. At the master’s level we offer two pathways, an academic stream (MA) and a professional stream (EMBA). The MA pathway is for those seeking to specialise knowledge in the field of Business and Management with the opportunity to advance to PhD and/or work within the higher education sector. The EMBA is for those from any bachelor background who are currently working and seeking to enhance their business and management skills, knowledge and abilities.

If you are interested in the dynamic, exciting and array of opportunities the business world has to offer, then apply to join the leading business and management educator in the region, the School of Business at the University of Kurdistan Hewler.