School of Science and Engineering

Civil and Architectural Engineering

The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering is one of several departments in the School of Science and Engineering SSE, at the University of Kurdistan Hewler UKH. It was first established in UKH in 2015 as the Department of Civil Engineering but since then the name of the department has changed to the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering to address the ever growing needs of the people of Kurdistan for innovation in design and construction.

The Civil and Architectural Engineering Department offers two programs of study leading to Bachelor of Science (BSc). The first program is Civil Engineering and upon completion of their four years of studies, graduates from the Civil Engineering Program will become engineers who can pursue careers in the different fields related to their discipline. On the other hand, those who graduate from the five-year program of Architectural Engineering and Sustainability will become Architects.

The department prides itself in providing a comprehensive curriculum that is rich and modern. It is designed to match the international requirements for a challenging, multidisciplinary education. It is a refined blend of the best in the local and the international educational experiences with the student at the center of the learning process.