Kurdistan Business School

Economics and Finance


  • To develop students’ knowledge and understanding of a coherent, current and intellectually stimulating body of economic theory and analysis.
  • To encourage students to develop an independent, critical and scholarly approach to their field which will enable them to apply their knowledge and develop their understanding.
  • To encourage students to relate academic study to questions of public concern in the field of public and private economics and finances.
  • To provide a curriculum supported by active scholarship, staff development and a research culture that promotes breadth and depth of intellectual enquiry and debate.
  • To help students to develop a valuable range of key skills and personal attributes for a wide variety of careers in economics and finance.
  • To provide a friendly and supportive learning environment.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • An understanding of the main concepts in the fields of economics and finance and their application to contemporary issues;
  • An understanding of the emergence, nature and significance of economics as a distinct field of academic enquiry;
  • An understanding of the state of economics and the variety of processes and institutions through which governance is exercised;
  • An ability to evaluate different explanations of economic development and institutions.

Discipline Skills

  • An independent and critical ability to gather, organise and analyse relevant primary and secondary evidence or data so as to present coherent and clearly reasoned arguments which address specific economic problems.
  • An ability to evaluate and engage effectively in key debates, economic policy and development as well as the evaluation of outcomes in the field.

Personal Transferable Skills

  • An ability to communicate effectively and fluently in speech and writing, use communication and information technology for the retrieval and presentation of information, work independently, demonstrating initiative, self-organisation and time-management and collaborate with others to achieve common development goals.