School of Social Sciences

Politics and International Relations

Politics, just like the air we all breathe, is all-pervading. Therefore, in order to be successful in any professional activity, college graduates ought to know how the society they live in is organized and functions.

Our training not only gives students an adequate understanding of the political environment, but also equips them with necessary skills and ability to contribute to the success of their nation; our training helps students to become informed and active citizens, involved in making their society more just and prosperous. In the course of our program, we will turn students into erudite and critical thinkers, analysts and researchers, public speakers and writers. All these are valuable assets for superior jobs, and many exciting careers in Iraqi Kurdistan and beyond are open to our graduates-Alex Danilovich. UKH follows the British system of quality assurance that involves external examinations of all works done by students. The PIR Department takes particular pride in the results of the external examination of our programs conducted by a British professor in July 2014 in the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Kurdistan; please see below excerpts of his report: "Standards of students' performance in the programs are comparable with the standards of similar programs in British institutions." "The rigor of the assessment process is commendable. The administration of the process was excellent." "Feedback to students is impressive." "The quality of outcomes remains equivalent to a good, middle range UK university. Many elements of student performance would sit comfortably in some of the top UK universities." James H Wyllie, Reader, University of Aberdeen, Scotland The Department offers Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees. We have diverse faculty who teach and research in the areas of International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, Constitutional Law and Gender Politics with particular emphasis on the Politics of the Middle East. Together we offer well-rounded programs in politics and international relations both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.