Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes

Pearson Test Administrator

Administrator of UKH’s Writing Club

Administrator of UKH's Female Network

Member of the National University Ranking Committee

2011- 2017, 2020-present English Language Lecturer, University of Kurdistan Hewler, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

2017-2020 - Teacher in Danish, German and English as a second Language, Denmark

2008  - Youth Programme Coordinator on the national peacebuilding program Nahwa Al Salaam, Relief International, Erbil Governorate, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

2008 – 2010 Teacher International School of Choueifat, Sabis Educational Services, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

2003 – 2007 Project Coordinator, Dankurd, Denmark/Kurdistan Region, Iraq

2001 - 2002 Teacher, Denmark

Participating in research project on multilingualism and resilience with the University of Reading and the University of Roehampton, London, UK.

Coordinating English language exchange project with Pennsylvania State University, US.

Member of working group with representatives from NGOs and the British Council on the “The Role of Language in Times of Crisis”

Managing online/face to face Grammar for Peacebuilding courses in cooperation with staff and students at UKH.

Coordinating A World Outside Exchange projects with Sheffield University and TH. LANGS HF & VUC, Silkeborg, Denmark and UKH students.

Establishment of English Language Centre, Halabja Public Library in cooperation with UKH library and UKH students, 2012.

Coordinator of the ‘Sunshine Club’ in cooperation with Erbil Orphanage and UKH students 2011 - 2013.

Goulani, Lone, 2014, Developing Middle Eastern EAP Learners’ Critical Thinking Skills through Contextualised and Reflective Teaching materials. International Student Experience Journal (ISEJ), 2:2, Autumn 2014.

Masika, Rachel, Gina Wisker, Lanja Dabbagh, Kawther Jameel Akreyi, Hediyeh Golmohamad, Lone Bendixen & Kirstin Crawford, 2014. Female academics’ research capacities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: socio-cultural issues, personal factors, and institutional practices, Gender and Education, 26:1, 52-69, DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2013.873391

Crawford, Crawford, Mark Frohnsdorff, Hediyeh Golmohamad, Lone Bendixen Goulani, Alison Salm, Stacey Xaelani, 2014. From Needs Analysis to Curriculum Development: Designing an Intensive EAP Course for Pre-sessional Students. International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies. 1:1.

PG Cert Teaching English for Academic Purposes (University of Leicester, UK)
British Council, Jordan, Presenter Funding 2016
British Council, Iraq, Presenter Scholarship 2015
Ministry of Culture and Youth, KRG, Book publication 2014
University of Brighton, UK, Presenter Funding 2012

Goulani, L.B., 2021. Peace is Just a Word. (publication in process)

Goulani, L.B., 2020. The Kurdish Girl. Copenhagen: SAXO

Goulani, L.B. and Darwesh, A.R., 2014. The girl from the banks of the Tigris River – and other unforgettable stories from Kurdistan. Erbil: Translation Establishment.

Bendixen, L. 2005. Børnestemmer fra Irak (Children’s Voices from Iraq). Copenhagen: Thorup.

The contribution of language learning to promote resilience, intercultural understanding, and peace.

The role of language in conflict areas with an emphasis on blended learning.

Narratives in the Kurdish context.

Creative writing

Females in higher education

English for Academic Purposes:

English Composition I

English Composition II

Academic Writing 

Academic Reading and Writing

Academic Listening and Speaking

Public Speaking

Language for Study III

Grammar for Peacebuilding (extracurricular)

General English: Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Phonics, Writing, Listening, Speaking)

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