Module leader: Human Development Structure and  Function

A medical doctor practicing at hospital and private clinic since 1995.

A member of teaching staff in medical physiology since 1998.

Supervision of PhD and MSc students (6) since 2009.

Student Centered Learning and Pedagogy , Curriculum Committee since 2012.

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  3. Sherwan R S and Nazleen S Mala Ahmed, "Correlation between Endothelin-1 and oxidative stress in apparently healthy obese men.".
  4. Sherwan Rahman Sulaiman and Nevine Jasim Muhammad, “ Iron and Vitamin D3 levels in infants admitted with chest infection: Hospital Based Study. Zanko journal of Medical Sciences 24(1).

PhD supervision: 1 PhD student.

MSc Supervision: 5 MSc Students.


Cardiovascular System Physiology.

Kidney Physiology.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.

Medical Physiology

UG1: Human Development Structure and  Function 

UG3: All systems / Physiology Part

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