Education Consultant             Australian Institute of Business (AIB)

Founding Director                   East Indonesia Development (EID) Services

Chairman (SA chapter)           Manufacturing Society of Australia (ManSA)

Director                                   South Australian Energy Co-operative Ltd

Founding Director                   East Indonesia Development (EID) Services

The consultancy, training and research company was established with an Indonesian business partner in Surabaya, East Java. The company has undertaken projects for the International Labour Organisation (ILO); Asian Development Bank (ADB); Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA); Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES); Indonesia Central Bank; and several ministries of the Indonesian government.

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I have successfully supervised two PhD completions (one as the primary supervisor and the other as the secondary), along with 10 MA/MBA and three Honours degree completions. 

Business Management

Operations Management

Higher Education


Over the last 15 years I have taught a range of business and management courses at under- and post-graduate level. Courses included areas such as international business, strategic management, operations management, accounting, economics, and finance.

Courses I have tended to specialise in include: 

Strategic Management

Corporate Finance/Financial Management

International Business

Courses I am teaching at UKH are:

Research Methods

Operations Management  

2018    Researcher of the Year – Ministry of Higher Education, Kurdistan

2014    Supported Researcher – University of South Australia

2013    Supported Researcher – University of South Australia

2012    Supported Researcher – University of South Australia

2011    Supported Researcher – University of South Australia

2011    Highly Commended Paper – Emerald Publishing

2010    Supported Researcher – University of South Australia

2010    Research Grant – Australian Centre for Asian Business

2010    Divisional Research Grant – University of South Australia

2009    Australian University ‘Lecturer of the Year’ Finalist – UniJobs

2009    Quality Teaching – University of South Australia

2007    Quality Teaching – University of South Australia

2005    Quality Teaching – University of South Australia

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