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-  Khidir, D.K. and Atrooshi, S.A., 2020 Investigation of thermal concentration effect in a modified solar chimney, Journal of Solar Energy, 206, 799-815, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.solener.2020.06.011

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- Consultant Mechanical Engineer

- Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 

- Undergraduate Capstone Projects Supervision (since 2001)

- Higher Diploma Supervision (1)

- MSc Supervisions (4)

- PhD Supervisions (2)

- Renewable energy, Solar air-conditioning, Thermal cycles, Heat exchangers 

Undergraduate courses: Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Power Cycles, Internal Combustion Engines, Renewable Energy, Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Dynamics.

Postgraduate courses: Selected Topics in Heat transfer, Advanced Thermodynamics, Two phase flow, Advanced Power Plant Engineering and Renewable Energy and Sustainability. 

- Recognition note from the MHE 2018 

- Recognition note from SUE for CAD score 2016

- Recognition note from the Ministry of Reconstruction – KRG 2016

- Engineering College Award of Distinction, November 2013

- University note of distinctive performance & recognition at the end of term as “the deputy dean of college of engineering since 2008”

- (16) Recognition notes from College of Engineering (2007 – 2012)

- (11) Recognition notes from Salahaddin University (2007 – 2012)

- Salahaddin University Award of Performance Recognition 2011

- Ministry of Higher Education Note of Appreciation – 23/8/2011

- DAAD Award of Performance Recognition 2010

- One article in Elsevier Journal of "Solar Energy" - 2020

- One article in ASME Journal of "Solar Energy Engineering" - 2020 

- One article in Elsevier Journal of "Renewable Energy" - 2019 

- Six articles in Zanco Press Magazine; Sep. 2010 to May 2016

2015 - Research grant from SUE for research on Solar Chimney in MSc Project

2010 - Research grant from DAAD for research work on Solar Air-Conditioning with Karlsruhe University of Applied Science

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