• Chair the first panel at the National Conference on Oil and Gas at Soran University (May 02, 2018)
  • Member at the Editorial Committee of the National Conference on Oil and Gas at Soran University (May 02, 2018)
  • Reviewer at the UKH Journal of Science, Medicine and Engineering (2017-Present).
  • Reviewer at the Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology (JPEPT) (2017-Present).
  • Member of the jury committee during the SPE-UKH first Workshop in Iraq and Kurdistan Region (2017).
  • Member of the undergraduate graduation projects evaluation committee at petroleum department- University of Kurdistan Hewler. (2017-Present).
  • Advisor and founder of the SPE student chapter at Koya University. (2016).
  • Developed the Petroleum Contacts Module for the Master Degree in Oil and Gas Management program at the Business School.
  •  Member of the Curriculum Development Committee for Petroleum Program 
  • Member of the departmental admission committee for the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • 2017-Present: Lecturer at NREM department at University of Kurdistan-Hewler Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

  • 2015-2017: Visiting lecturer at University of Kurdistan-Hewler Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

  • 2012-2017: Lecturer and Head of Reservoir Simulation at Koya University-Petroleum Engineering Koya, Kurdistan, Iraq

  • 2012: Graduate researcher at Carbonate Reservoir Group, Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom.
  • 2009-2011: Researcher at Koya University Koya, Kurdistan, Iraq

  • 2008: Trainee at TAQ TAQ Operating Co. (TTOPCO) Koya, Kurdistan, Iraq

  • Ramyar Suramairy; Sebastian Geiger; Rink Van Dijke; Adnan Al-Dhahli. (2014). Field-Scale Simulation of WAG using Pore-Scale Network Modelling. American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies. 2 (3), 85-104.

  • Ramyar Suramairy; Ribwar Abdulrahman. (2015) 'Uncertainty in WAG Injection Modelling using Empirical methods and Three-Phase Pore-Network Modeling with Rock Heterogeneity Effect', International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT). , 19(1), pp. 12-18.

  • Ribwar Abdulrahman; I. M. Sebastine; Ramyar Suramairy. (2015) 'Reducing And controlling The Hydrocarbon Emissions From Rich Amine Regeneration Units in The Natural Gas Sweetening Process: A Case Study And Simulation', International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology Studies: 3(2), pp. 17-26

  • Member of the European Centre for Research Training and Development, UK (2015-present).
  • Professional member in the Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE). (2015-Present).
  • Practitioner member in Kurdistan Engineers Union. (2016-Present).

UG4 Final Year Projects


  • Numerical Investigation of the Applicability of ASP Enhanced Oil Recovery in an Oil Reservoir in Kurdistan
  • Filed Scale Simulation of Surfactant Polymer EOR in Carbonate Reservoirs in Kurdistan Region


  • Field-Scale Simulation of CO2 Injection in Carbonate Reservoirs: An Iraqi Reservoir as Case Study
  • Reservoir Simulation of CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers ? Numerical Simulation for Enhancing Oil Recovery in Mature Fields


  • Improving Heavy Oil Recovery by Low-Salinity Water and CO2 Injection ? Effects of wettability on (WAG) efficiency.
  • Heterogeneity effect during gas injection projects in intermediate-wet reservoirs.
  • Water Alternating Gas Injection as tertiary Recovery Method in Water-Wet Reservoirs.
  • Numerical Simulation to Enhance Heavy Oil Recovery by Low Salinity Water Injection and Polymer Flooding.
  • Scholarship award by (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) 2011.
  • Pore-scale Network Modelling: predict and measure relative permeability, capillary pressure and wettability of multiphase flow.

  • Core-to-field scale modelling and simulation.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods: two phase and three-phase flow.

  • CO2 Storage

  • Reservoir Modelling and characterization.

  • Advanced Reservoir Engineering PEM501
  • Advanced Reservoir Simulation PEM504
  • Reservoir Simulation PE405
  • Reservoir Engineering II 402
  • Reservoir Engineering I PE305
  • Introduction to Petroleum Engineering PE201
  • Petroleum Fluid PE204
  • Oil and Gas Technology OGM508
  • Appreciation letter from SPE president (2017).
  • Appreciation letter by the SPE Baghdad section in the SPE-UKH first Workshop in Iraq and Kurdistan Region (2017).
  • Participation certificate in the entitled workshop ‘For Developing Laboratories at Koya University’ at Koya University, 2016.
  • Certificate for being elected as member at the European Centre for Research Training and Development, UK (2015)
  • Certificate for completing a course of ‘Teaching Methods and Techniques’ at Koya University, 2013.
  • Certificate for completing ‘Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs’ course by TOTAL Company, Istanbul 2013.
  • Scholarship award by (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) 2011.
  • Koya University Chancellor Award 2009
  • Certificate for completing ‘Logging Methods’ course by TAQ TAQ Operating TTOPCO Company, Koya 2008.
  • Certificate for completing ‘Reservoir Geology’ course by TOTAL Company, Amman 2007.
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