• Site Registrar (Webster University Thailand)
    • Adhere to and implement academic policies and procedures set by Webster St Louis and Thailand.
    • Supervise the registration process – opening and cancelling of courses, and registration, add, drop, and course withdrawal of students.
    • Maintain students’ records and grades in the system, including but not limited to monitoring grade submission, changing of advisers assigned by HODs, requests for change in degree audit from St Louis, request for transfer credits from St Louis, degree conferral, etc.
    • Academic Advising – new students, study abroad students, undeclared/undecided students, graduating students, non-degree students and faculty advisers.
    • Responsible for direct coordination with the Registrar’s office and the Coordinator for International Programs in St Louis.
    • Responsibilities assigned for being a member of the Operations Committee, Scholarship Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Academic Committee and Executive Committee.
    • Processing students’ requests and finding solutions to academic issues and problems such as connections issues, degree audit issues, study plan issues, etc.
    • Coordinating with Study Abroad advisers from St Louis and International campuses.
    • Preparation of Academic Course Schedules and Academic Calendar for students and faculty.
    • Checking the Summary of Payment and ensuring that grades are submitted before payment.
    • Preparation and submission of reports: Enrollment, Registration, Quality of Courses, Grade Distribution, Comparative Reports, and any reports that will be used for strategic decision making of the department.
    • Preparing for and assisting orientation and graduation ceremony.
  • Lecturer (Webster University Thailand/Stamford International University)
    • Teaching business courses in th
  • Academic Registrar’s Office Supervisor
    Academic Registrar’s Office
    University of Kurdistan, Hewler, Iraq
    December 2016-present
  • Site Registrar
    Webster University Thailand
    January 2014-December 2016
  • Lecturer
    School of Business and Technology
    Webster University Thailand
    May 2011-December 2016
  • Lecturer
    Department of Accounting and Finance
    Stamford International University Thailand
    June 2008-December 2013
  • Kadish, P. & Ricafort, M. (2016). Investigating Transformational Leadership in Organizational Commitment: A Case Study of a Private University’s Lecturers in Thailand. 14(5), 2765-2782.
  • Kadish, P. & Ricafort, M. (2015). Building Academic Staff Portfolio to Increase Employee Retention: A Case Study of a Thai University. The International Academic Forum, International Conference on Education, Dubai. 481-498.
University Administration, Student Employability, Employee Retention, Transformational Leadership and Organizational Commitment
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