UKH Charity Foundation

The establishment of the UKH Charity Foundation is intended to coordinate and unify the various community outreach and voluntary activities taking place across the UKH.

The UKHCF will ensure the impact and output of community engagement programs are monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure the UKH is engaging in the community in a meaningful way. 



To strengthen the link between the UKH and local communities through community engagement activities that enhance the role of higher education in social development.



 The UKHCF serves as a nexus of the UKH’s community engagement activities, by developing new opportunities through student volunteerism, educational service programs and organizational partnerships, specific to the social needs and benefit of the Kurdistan Region. It is our mission to promote social responsibility and raise awareness of the role of higher education in serving our community. We do this by: 

  • Promoting the value of higher education to address social disadvantage.
  • Fostering a culture of social responsibility through volunteerism.
  • Harnessing the knowledge, creativity, and commitment of our students, staff, and alumni in delivering educational service projects.
  • Integrating community engagement within our teaching curriculum.
  • Establishing academically-focused partnerships by engaging and collaborating with local and international organizations.
  • Developing leaders who will secure Kurdistan’s economic and social future.