Vice Chancellor – The Mission, Vision and Values of UKH

For over 10 years the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr has symbolically stood in the very centre of development in Kurdistan. Our very location in the capital city of Erbil is pivotal and communicates a powerful message of hope through Higher Education.

Kurdistan’s next generations of leaders and active citizens in business, industry, health and education sectors and the wider community, are being nurtured and developed by exceptional international academic staff and supportive administration departments at UKH. The overarching Mission and Vision for ‘academic excellence’, will be our constant measure and continue to set UKH apart, year on year.
2016 has seen a double celebration in achievement, a record number of 313 Graduates received their UG and PG certificates and 10 years of educating was marked by this historic year. However, as Vice Chancellor I stand at the head of this symbolic institution and along with celebrations will come significant and ongoing challenges, not least of all the wider aspects of UKH and limitations within the broader framework of the Region and beyond. In the last few years the Region has been challenged by an unsavory enemy of Kurdistan and the civilized world, seeking to destroy all the great things we have built. Despite this challenging geo-political climate, UKH will continue to be imbued with Values that we will embrace and practice in the process of educating our young people. Our Values encompass a healthy pride in our students, staff and ongoing achievements. Elite without being elitist is something we constantly strive for, as this is in the best interests of our students and not our own personal glory. The UKH brand is focusing forward on being student centric. Our students are our lifeblood and drive our motivation as educators to support and honor them by providing the best education possible, not just by imparting knowledge and factual learning, but in helping them grow to be self-assured individuals and socially responsible citizens. The student and teacher relationship is one to be nurtured also, in a two way flow of mutual respect to create a positive learning environment and for that, we must all take responsibility.
Pride in our achievements must never breed complacency. As Vice Chancellor of UKH I am committed, alongside my supportive management team who share the same Mission, Vision and Values, to a constant process of evaluation and assessment to ensure we are aligned with our goals and brand promises. This process demands mature and realistic critical appraisals of where we are now and where we want to be.
In summary, I can embody UKH’s strategy in words that encapsulate our Mission, Vision and Values and they are ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, DISTINCTIVE, SUPPORTIVE, STUDENT-CENTRIC, INTERNATIONAL and AMBITIOUS. But always my focus will be on ‘doability’ with a sense of realism and from the perspective of my long experience as a leader in Higher Education in Kurdistan.
Dr. Mohammed Mochtar
Vice Chancellor